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Car Inspection

Looking for an authorized car inspection provider in NH? Look no further than The Car Doctors. Our team of experts provides thorough vehicle inspections with the highest standards of quality and integrity. With our extensive knowledge of NH regulations, we go above and beyond to ensure that your vehicle is inspected correctly and meets all safety requirements.

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Quick and Accurate

Why State Inspections Are Important
While state-mandated vehicle inspections sound like a hassle, there is a very important reason why they are done. Vehicle inspections enable you to know the current condition of your vehicle. This gives you an idea if it has potential issues that need to be addressed immediately. On top of that, yearly inspections keep your vehicle running safely — keeping not just you but other drivers on the road safe.
To ensure that your vehicle inspections are done according to the state’s standards, let the certified inspectors at The Cars Doctors carry out the procedure. Our team is experienced in inspecting a wide range of vehicles, allowing us to complete this service quickly and accurately.

Safety Concerns

What Happens If You Fail an Inspection?
If you fail an inspection, we won't be able to provide you with a new inspection sticker, which is needed as proof that your vehicle has been inspected and is legally allowed on the roads. Don't worry, because we will not leave you empty-handed. We will provide you with a detailed list of every issue your vehicle has, so you know what you should do to bring your vehicle back into passing shape.
The great news is that since The Car Doctors is a highly trusted auto shop, we have a team of expert mechanics who can handle all the auto services you need. There will be no need for you to get in touch with another shop just to get those issues fixed — making the process much more convenient on your end.


Schedule Your Yearly Vehicle Inspections at The Car Doctors?
While there are many inspection stations and auto repair shops in Concord, NH, not many of them can match the level of service our team can provide. To help you understand better why you should trust The Car Doctors, here are some of the features that set us apart:
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Highly Trained and Certified Automotive Professionals

We guarantee that only a certified inspector will assess your vehicle during the inspection, ensuring that it meets the highest standards. In case your vehicle fails the inspection, we won't let just anyone work on it. We will only entrust it to one of our expert mechanics, so you can have confidence that your vehicle will be repaired reliably and efficiently.

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Superior Equipment

As an authorized inspection station, we have a full range of superior equipment and tools to perform any type of inspection, including a full diagnostic report. This gives us the power to accurately assess the condition of your vehicle and identify any potential problems — protecting you from both expensive repairs and hazardous driving conditions.

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Wide Array of Services

We are not just an inspection station. We provide a full range of services, from basic oil changes to complex repairs. This allows us to get your vehicle back in running condition as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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A Hassle-Free Complete Vehicle Inspection Today
If your vehicle is up for a yearly inspection, reach out to The Car Doctors. We guarantee a hassle-free experience from beginning to end. Our certified inspectors are highly qualified to complete the inspection promptly, enabling you to fulfill this state-mandated requirement in no time.
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